The Best Outdoor Heated Cat Beds For Winter

heated cat houseIf you have a cat that loves to play outdoors, or even a stray or feral cat that you care for, outdoor heated cat beds can help them stay cozy and warm during the cold winter months if you live in a chilly climate. There are a variety of different heated cat houses and beds available these days from retailers like The prices of these beds and pads will vary depending on their features, but there are many that cost under $100 and are easy to set up and use.

When searching for a heated cat bed or pad, you should really purchase one made specifically for cats. Otherwise, they may get too hot and pose a safety risk to your feline friend. Some models also have features you might want to consider, such as turning on and off automatically when your cat leaves and enters the pad or mat.

Many models can also be used indoors, and you might want to pick up one especially if you have an older cat that suffers from arthritis. Cold winter air can often make their joints stiff and uncomfortable and you may find that a simple heated cat mat will make your cat considerably more comfortable and happy during the winter months!

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